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BookCastle - A Dream

Updated: Jan 23

By Yasmin Parveen

“These aren’t ordinary shoes “.

“They’ll take you where your heart truly belongs “.

Where my heart truly belongs hmm…

I’m in my room jam-packed with every magical book I could find in the twenty years I’ve lived to fill my days and nights and mulling over what uncle Alastir(the cobbler) had said. My heart doesn’t desire the ordinary the fathomable to the human kind though I’m human…The BookCastle is an enigma to people here where I live no one knows how to go there ,like a fantasy my heart belongs to that lofty glistening BookCastle tbat is at the end of this galaxy and I really really want to grab a magical kaleen and fly to that kingdom of bookworms it’s utterly and profousely magnificent wonderland according to the legends where people read and read and read until  their heart can’t hold any more emotion in them, until the stories are etched in their hearts ,their very souls ,their very core .I wanna go to that castle the- castle of my heart’s desire my tressure island . It’ll become my inner light that shines through the books I read that’ll guide me to the goodness that is within me.Uncle Alastir said I’ll find exactly what I need if only I acquire those shoes and put them on my feet.

Maybe he knows something which is unknown to me and to many of us or maybe he’s not of this land at all? Are those pink and purple hued shoes really could take me to that BookCastle of my dreams?

I guess I’ve to go  buy them and put them on and maybe the Kaleen will come from somewhere making swishing-wooshing sounds and take me to my land, my homeland . Because home is there “where your heart truly belongs.”

By Yasmin Parveen

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