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Beyond Woman

By U. Fathima Farzana

This isn’t suitable for you

Women mustn’t do this

It’s too hard

Careful, that’s heavy...

Do not say these things to me.

Dad never said them to me,

Never said I was too soft.

Taught me to fight myself

EVERY DAY of my miserable life.

To teach myself I’m more.

Beyond woman.

I’m not your pedestal goddess

Nor an angel in white

To be fawned upon, adored, admired,

Loved and desired.

I’m Lilith. The demon of today.

Eyes of strength, courage and wisdom.

I’m not flashy, all smiles...

Photoshopped to perfection

I’m a free soaring eagle, not pretty but lethal

Do not tame me with love-sonnets

Or try to fit me into skirts and sarees

And flower me down.

Petals are soft, delicate

I’m the stalk that holds them,

The thorn beneath the rose.

I ain’t beautiful but more.

Beyond woman.

Reality is harsh but real

Like the sweet pulp in a thorny jackfruit.

So don’t teach me love-lessons

Or those stupid cinematic moves.

My body isn’t a playground

But a temple of God.

My mind isn’t a spring toy

But a spear of justice.

I am what I am.

Beyond woman.

And I ain’t coming back.

By U. Fathima Farzana

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