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By Sahil Dhamapurkar

Our memories are like paradox, lingering to the thin thread of our rarefied connection, feeling so lost. Somewhere, in our pandora minds are those gleeful pieces of us holding hands, walking with our zealous hearts aside, drenching our souls by the love in our eyesight and drowning in the delusional world of our own paradise. Deluded by this paradise, was our only way out of this sagacious dungeons around us, creating the morbid path for our end was the viable option left, we travelers with our love debt, running for our lives chased by the humongous malign creatures trying to frail us apart. But, I do see the end, the ring of light now turned into the circle of blooming hope, the path where we can reunite, with our body bruised and wounds of ravishing force but our soul being sublime and derf. The only greed of this path was to swallow atleast one, I looked back at you with my eyes filled with tears, slowly increasing my pace losing your sight along, leaping in the dreaded hole, slumping me, and we glancing at each other's immemorial face, slowly fading away, as my soul goes beyond, with my voice screaming for you to move on.

By Sahil Dhamapurkar

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