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Being Human

By Shruthi

Oh! the beauty of being human!

We see & sense,

We observe & interpret, in every tense. The daunting reality,

Coloured by values and emotions.

We are the ones,

Open to love and wonder,

To hope and pray.

The scientists,

Who turn their reality into dreams.

Yet, the victims of bounded rationality! To expect and surrender,

To suffer and succumb,

The trade-off between the heart and mind. Oh! The beauty of being human!

Swinging the moods,

Like a train of goods.

The wheels of Logic and rationality,

But fueled by thoughts, intuitions, and sensuality Foreplaying with memories,

Yet, we desire a state of mental peace. The tryst to me unique,

The urge to be one of a kind.

Trying so hard to not be lost,

The light, will it help you find?

But look at you and me!

We are just alike,

Floating in the same boat called life,

Drowning in the same ocean of feelings, Living in the same era of reason.

Will we ever find the perfect season? Oh! The beauty of being human!

By Shruthi

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