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Being A Girl

By CA Surbhi Arora

To the mirror I look,

And think about the time I took.

From a naughty child to a girl,

Grown into a peaceful swirl.

Hearing to the words spoken,

I feel drastic and broken.

Unable to understand world’s ritual,

I turn to God becoming spiritual.

Sometimes so brave and strong,

Not ready to take any wrong;

Sometimes so tender and mild,

Rolling down the tears like a child;

Thinking about the unpredictable tomorrow,

I dream endless and work hard without sorrow;

There will come a day,

When I will rise and stay;

With my head held high,

Confident and without a sigh;

Doing everything in my own way,

Being truthful and sincere without anybody’s say;

Unknowing the destiny of my ride,

I have to live with hope and pride;

By CA Surbhi Arora

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