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Artwork By Shreya Wankhede

Updated: Feb 12

Name Of The Artwork: The Self Caption Of Artwork: My self-painting focuses on the eyes, emphasizing stability and calmness while portraying the raw insecurities on the face. The inclusion of piercings symbolizes modernity and personal growth without losing sight of one's roots. The artwork explores the delicate balance between evolving towards goals and maintaining a connection to one's identity. Name Of The Artwork: The Conflict Caption Of Artwork: Capturing the daily struggle of emotional conflict, this artwork delves into life's yin and yang, where the known yins often compel actions against one's will. The central theme revolves around the perpetual question of "to be or not to be." Name Of The Artwork: The Devil Wears Prada Caption Of Artwork: Titled "Devil Wears Prada," this artwork delves into the theme of individuals who enter our lives under the guise of benevolence while harboring harmful intentions. The metaphorical concept illustrates how their outward charm, akin to the allure of Prada, can blind us to their true nature. The artwork serves as a visual commentary on the unsuspecting engagement with the metaphorical devil, concealed beneath the appealing facade of luxury and charm

Name Of The Artwork: The Overthinker's Dessert Caption Of Artwork: Tiitled, "The Overthinker's Dessert' this artwork delves into the psyche of an overthinker, portraying the incessant consumption of their own thoughts without finding satisfaction. The piece captures the relentless pursuit of solving the unsolvable puzzles within their mind, depicting the undying thirst for understanding. The dish antenna symbolizes the profound influence of the external environment and societal pressures, amplifying the turmoil within their restless minds on the brink of insanity

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