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Artwork By Kinjal Kundalia

Updated: 2 days ago

Name Of The Artwork: Life Caption Of Artwork: This artwork is about the life that happened in an individual's life. The picture speaks about her tradition and culture, her priorities. Her majestic appearance and her expression shows her undeniable courage that led her through life and that is not yet defeated. Name Of The Artwork: Waiting Caption Of Artwork: The picture depicts overall outlook in the person's eyes. He seems to have been through life positively and contented. And yet, there seems one more hope, kind of waiting for something to happen, or waiting for some one to reappear in the picture of his life. Name Of The Artwork: Hope. Caption Of Artwork: The person depicted here is a teenager. The expression of his eyes and a wide smile shows his eagerness to live his life fully, to take charge, eagerness to fulfill his dreams and thus, give some meaning to the same. Name Of The Artwork: Union Caption Of Artwork: This art work is about peace, tranquility and repose gained through meditation, through the union of one's higher self. The yellow colour on the sides shows the burning desire to gain more and more knowledge of Him while the white colour represents peace gained throughout the journey. Name Of The Artwork: Sanyas Caption Of Artwork: The picture depicts one of sanyasins that has renunciated the worldly pleasures to seek God. The aura on his face is noticable. His much gained knowledge exhudes through his eyes. A sense of peace prevails by doing darshanam only.

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