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Artwork By Dhvani Patel

Updated: Jan 30

Name Of The Artwork: Reminisce to Enlightenment Caption Of Artwork: "When God created man and woman, he was thinking, 'Who shall I give the power to, to give birth to the next human being?' And God chose women." This painting features women from different eras. The left lady comprises of women that shows how females in ancient times used to work and the right lady indicates women of present time where they excelled in each and every area of life. The Clock shows the time from 1947 till 2057 , showing how women have changed with time Name Of The Artwork: Prayer to God~ same mother in every birth Caption Of Artwork: Do we get the same mother in every birth? Does this cycle revolve? Well there is no evidence. But I would like to urge God for my same mother in every birth through this piece of art. This painting features my Mother, God and myself. Females highlighted in different colors indicate my same mother in every birth and the babies are depicting my own self in every birth. The transition in colors shows different births. The open hands represent God’s hands with a repetitive spiral clock showing numerous birth cycles. Through this painting, I pray to god for giving me a birth from the womb of my same mother, same soul in every new life. The word mother itself is symbolic to God. My mother is one of the greatest gifts of god. There are many precious things that god has bestowed on me, however my mother is one of the precious gifts of god. She is the embodiment of unconditional love and sacrifice. No matter how much i succeed, the one working and praying behind the scenes for me is always my mother. God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.The day a baby is conceived and then opens her eyes for the first time in this world, the one person that poured all the love and affection she holds in her heart is the mother.The tie which links mother and child is of such pure and immaculate strength as to be never violated. Name Of The Artwork: AMALGAMATION OF EMOTIONS Caption Of Artwork: This painting narrates a gigantic tree, whose leaves possess females of diverse cultures, religion, country,age, complexion, physical appearance with heterogeneous emotions. It says that as all the leaves ,connected with each other are of the same tree, similarly all the variegated females are connected with one unexceptional peculiarity named as EMOTIONS! The concept of connecting women with nature dates back to the ancient times.Expressing emotion is natural and healthy. There’s no feeling of shame or regret when a tree needs to drop its leaves. The falling leaves are an expression of needed release, and the earth beneath it graciously receives it. From the nourished earth a beautiful flower is able to grow, expressing its authentic self and beauty in the world for all to see with no apologies. In the same way,women possess similar characteristics that are too expressive and are responsible for the continuity of the life cycle. Name Of The Artwork: Time to Tribute Caption Of Artwork: This painting conveys a Tribute to Eminent Masters who made history throughout the world with transition in time. It starts with the most influential painting of Mona Lisa by leonardo da-vinci till Andy Warhol's most vivacious painting of Marilyn Diptych. It features varied masters with changing time and how that played a vital role in making history with their creation. The three beauties holding hands of clock, illustrates a duration of Time period in artists life. Lady in pink shows the phase where creation of the ideas and making of paintings takes place , Lady in white depicts that the masterpieces and the soul of the eminent masters remain immortal while the lady in blackish violet says though the soul remains immortal, the body dies.

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