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Artificial Intelligence- A breakthrough In 21st Century

By Swarnika Bhattacharjee

Do we know what is Artificial Intelligence in today’s world?

Yes definitely we have heard the term ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE(AI) in today’s day to day life while surfing through the internet. But most of us doesn’t know what EXACTLY is this ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE(AI). Even though we have been came across through various apps which use this AI technology but we never give a second thought on what is this technology through which we are going so advanced.

So basically I will explain what is AI here and how it is affecting our modern generation.

Artificial intelligence is an Intelligence in which computer basically or computer like robot we can say has the ability to work like a living system. The computer thinks, understands and can perform tasks accordingly. The applications of AI include various systems like Natural Language processing, Speech Recognition, Machine Vision, Expert System.

Everyone knows in Apple, “Hey Siri” is there which uses our voice command, its just like a voice assistant which hears and listens to our voice command and replies us accordingly. This ‘Siri’, ‘Alexa’, ‘Google Voice Assistant’ everything uses Artificial Intelligence.

So “WOW” development of technology Right!!

And more recently we came across the term CHAT GPT if you could have heard and AI tools. CHAT GPT is a powerful application which can detect any command and shows the result according to it. Anything we can search and take suggestions from this application, we can chat, we can talk and express our emotions also.

But but but!!! As we know everything has its Advantage and Disadvantage together:


1. Doctors can use ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE for diagnosing purposes. In modern medical sciences to more developed Digital Dentistry everything uses the AI system. 2. Using self driven cars.

3. Google, Youtube, almost all search engines uses AI to show suggestions before we write the full sentence.

4. AI has made life easy. Students use AI Chat GPT like app, to complete their assignments, lovers can impress their partners by writing beautiful poems or any love letters, which is so real that we can”t imagine all this are written by a machine.

5. Alexa app now a days by using voice command only switch on and off fan, television, light etc. Alexa can play music according to your mood and can also depict weather around.

6. Modernization is nothing but invention of AI. AI is a very powerful tool in this generation.

It depends on its use and misuse. No doubt it has made life more comfortable and easy.

I can’t believe how a system or machine can work like a complete living being.

There are many Drawbacks of this Modernization also:

1. People are becoming more and more dependent on its use. People stopped using their Brain much they have become completely dependent on


2. It is very much disturbed to know that now a days children are more seeping their ways into the technology making more of consumers than innovators. They are not creative and are not willing to do simple physical activities.

3. Students specially, if they get ready made products in their hands through this modern technology obviously how could their brain will work, they will only copy and paste. Its reducing our ability to think.

4. It will be a problem for now a days children to submit fake application regarding fever, cold or any disease to take leave, the powerful AI will able to detect rather the student is really not well or just telling lie.

So here I am enclosing my article by giving a conclusion,

It is the responsibility of parents to make their child use their valuable time on day to day work rather than making them use of computer, mobile or


I personally as a writer want to conclude that everything in this world has its pros and cons.

If we use the thing properly for developing or growing ourselves, nothing can stop us, no machines are more superior to human brain.

It’s so cool right, our human brain only created another ‘ROBOTIC MACHINE BRAIN’. So think and use anything properly before completely making yourself dull enough or waste enough. We all know about our brain right! The Human Brain processes information through a complex network of neurons and their connections, creating a web of thoughts and emotions that shape our perception of the world around us. And the brain only created History by making Robots, AI systems. It’s really under our control, depends according to our uses.

By Swarnika Bhattacharjee

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