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Are You Aware ?

By Tanushi Singh

Once I became aware how

each memory is etched on

every cell of this body and

mind whilst I live my mundane.

I realised the burden

this body has carried,

continues to carry ,all along.

Wonder how moments manifests

as wounds to let me survive through

the passage of time.

Amidst the labyrinth of chaos and

normalcy,this body ,heart and mind

has learnt to push through.

Once I became aware

I try to now care

lieu sabotage my reign

Touching waves of

emotions that weigh

me down whilst I pull through

hues of my skies.

Are you aware of

all that you cope everyday?

Are you in touch

with the effort the body

takes to keep breathing

Are you simply breathing

or thriving?

Have you stopped living

under the weight of

your own drown?

Are you losing

or winning this

race against life testing

you again and again?

By Tanushi Singh

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