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April Sky

By Surya Suresh

The bright April sky, so warm and gentle,

Blue as the birds on the early green bush.

Clouds did flow in it’s gentle path,

Like ships set to sail from their harbour.

Through the day and the happy hours,

Winds swept in the scent of fresh lilies.

Birds did fly as they glided and gleamed,

Searching for their own with ecstasy.

Soon the sky which danced and beamed,

Held an ominous darkness for a moment.

Clouds took a path like a dancing wave,

Tumbling and turning in it’s stormy way.

Dazzled turquoise of the bright April sky,

Turned to a grey that lost its palette .

High in the haze of the deep grey sky,

Thunder and lightning came in to play.

The winds started to blow mighty and blue,

With it came the first drops of rain.

The ground with it’s valley of daisies and lilies,

Started to smell like a fresh cup of dew.

Its rained and poured onto the wet soil silly,

Until it made puddles of blue shiny slush .

The grey of the evening sky fading away,

Now in it’s way a purple hue was abound.

The winds that roared now glides gently,

Along with the birds who dance and fly.

As the sun beams peeked from the clouds,

A rainbow was seen in the dazzling sky.

By Surya Suresh

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