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Aphrodisiac Inamorato

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

By Mayank Nahata

This is a story of a beautiful time

Merry and winsome like the perfect chime

Of two friends beautifully blossoming

Through the dark fall, past the ragtime

They found love on a stinging, wintry night

Coldness ubiquitous, just their hearts burning bright

Blossoming on the day the bearded angel flies

Guiding the reindeers with their effervescent light

On came the spring and it was time for a fresh start

Circumstances drew them away, miles apart

They now had but few ways to be with each other

Each motivated by their loving, beating heart

One got too greedy and materialistic riches he sought

Could not see his evil, no matter how much they fought

Could not see the other cry in his lust for the “treasure”

He could never fathom that the situation was fraught

He could never protect that which he loved

To the depths of darkness, he had her shoved

To a phase of questioning her integrity and stature

He was slowly driving the one he called his beloved

She was hampered by the evil of his doing

She was shattered by the wrongs behind his wooing

She had no option but to jump off the sinking ship

It was his evil that she was to him showing

Gone was the spark of the beautiful light

Such was what he had done without her right

He finally saw the monster he was hiding inside

But it was to late to mend the bridge, try as he might

Apologies and guilt were now all that he had

The evils he had brought had driven her mad

He could only hope to justify the things he had done

But could not hope to rectify the poison of the bad

She lost all hope from life and its riches

The world to her was filled with dark witches

She had left one behind but the memories remained

Haunting her like his actions, against her wishes

He now only had a plea to forgive and forget

All he could do was self-blame under his breath

He saw the realism of his evils and his lust

As he saw his actions bring about her death.

By Mayank Nahata

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Radhika Agarwal
Radhika Agarwal
Jun 09, 2023
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Vanshika Jalan
Vanshika Jalan
May 23, 2023
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