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An Voracious Termite

Updated: Feb 21

By Navya Naveli

It's a tale of an emrald green forest

Growing and festering over ages

Where sunlight glorifies the mightiest crest

And a smooth river tickles it's edges

I crave the beautiful potential it beholds

Worthy to amaze if it lasts to unfold

Shine is admiring but difficult to persist

Even when the tiniest of dust invades

Woefully degenerated by creatures adoring mist

Once gleaming picturesque begins to fade

I worry if this charm dims this way

Lead the future to a cavernous dismay

These termite are terminating everything gradually

Where soldiers among them hunting every another pawn

Headed by the king and queen ruthlessly

Crumbling the young and dreamy lawn

This time it failed to enchant me, as I had an objection

How could it shelter the enmy,whilst doing its protection?

They had overgrown coz the surrounding was favourable

What if this greenery would have protested earlier ?

But the blindness to add one more species if capable

Dig it's own grave of what could have been merrier

So it concluded satisfying it's greed

Silence preferred overlooking, where a remonstrance it need.

By Navya Naveli

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