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An Ode to the Bullies

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

By Tanushree Choudhury

I walked into a previously known place

A place now full of spider webs as laces

A place, I called my home, humble abode for years

For my outburst, here no one could hear

I touched each wall as I pass from there

A crack forming from the touch, so fair and square

I picked up a picture, a picture full of happy faces

My eyes forever, the hollow in each heart traces

I moved to a well-kept drawer, one filled with objects of emotions

A familiar object, graced me with its presence

The room full of sheer blackness, not a hint of light

A symbol, for having no one in my hindsight

I took a seat in the center taking in the ambience

For every memory, in the end passes into transience

Closing my eyes, I enter a trance, one that troubles my eternal calm

A trance where the previously held picture comes alive

The smiling faces, back to their usual “popularity seeking” strive

The method you may ask? A simple girl with no inhibitions

Procedure involving mockery, body shaming and the usual pressuring

No one, ready however to hear her tales and tribulations

Categorised as the outcast by the entire group

Like the lost cause of a unified troop

Left alone to rot in the corner for 6 hours

As if, for a certain crime she was put behind bars

As I opened my eyes, back to reality

I realise, I've grown into a human, no longer a casualty

Getting up, I walk to the only window all curtained

opening ,the window to new opportunities I’ve ascertained

The light shines on the dark room

The broken walls of insecurity stand shy somehow

The picture of my so called tormentors

My certificate of not being among the benders

Brought down then, by the words of others

Proved them wrong by showing that “I don't bother”

Confidence I had, will always stay

No matter what you do or say

I am what I am thanks to you

For you taught me judging a book by its cover is absolutely untrue

Look into those eyes that weep for every passing moment

Moments , that could have been captured

Look into those charcoal covered eyes disguising the pain hiding facades

The same ones which classified lies as a life threatening hazard

Look into those eyes, glistening with tears

Each tear representing the fall for succumbing to her fears

Hear the screams that leave her soul

When every day she lets an unknown man touch her scars of broken goals

Hear her anklets thudding on the floor,

Just to reduce the volume of the strangers woes from leaving the door

Hear her music through the windows

Pleading for mercy to be released from these sorrows.

The aroma of the freshly made Garland of flowers

Can you smell the drops of dew that don't belong to her

The beautiful scent for any girl as people call it

Can you smell the acid in it?

The acid she has to wear everyday to fill her stomach after a long hard day

*To the beautiful lady if she gets to read it*

Speak your heart out and you will be heard

If not by those that oppress you, but those that can hold your hand and walk with you

Speak, for your holding your tongue now won't help your future daughters

Speak, for silence has only ever brought you pain and mocking laughter's

Speak, for the world deserves to hear your victory

That you fought for all those, who for peace have only given up on their sense of speech.

By Tanushree Choudhury

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