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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

By Pooja Rao

I have known but two grandmother all my life,

And I must say they are mighty fine.

Whilst one can barely speak above a huff,

The other can talk until she needs to puff.

Yet a quality that they both share,

Is strength beyond compare.

While the first is quiet and bashful,

The other is loud and playful.

While one is fond of her own company,

The other lives rather gregariously.

Where one lives in a world of her own making,

The other believes the world is for her taking.

Though they live their lives differently,

Both give love unconditionally.

They know not the meaning of hate,

And never think to question their fate.

If we could all take a leaf out of their book

We could live our life with a better outlook.

By Pooja Rao

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