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An Adventurous Night

By Shubham Jhunjhunwala

A vision, a dream, a longing, two desires.

As the night beckons into the dark,

As the stars shine a little brighter,

The nightingale sings out,

Says "She is here. She is yours".

My vision became clearer,

As the mist grew denser,

My passion was evident,

My passion wants to hold you, and pin you to the wall,

So tight that air doesn't pass between your bossom,

And when things get steamy and sweaty,

I want to bite you, I want to kiss you,

Soft at first, demanding at last,

Just so you are breathless,

Just so you are aroused.

Because, soon, I will dream,

And soon, I will be lost.

Did I tell you about my dream?

I want to stare into your eyes,

As I pull you so close,

That blood flows between our body,

That our existence is one,

For when I stare into those brown eyes,

I see nothing but love and warmth,

I see everything that is carnal,

But, this isn't about our compatibility,

This is about a longing,

A longing for which I have waited,

Through summers and winters,

Imagining how this night would be,

Thinking to what extent I can please you, my love,

And, in that longing for intimacy,

I'll read all your fantasies,

I'll stalk all your wild desires,

Only because, it's you and me,

Only because, this is the end,

And after the night ends,

And the sun shines and invites chaos once again,

I want you to lean onto me one last time,

I want to caress your shoulder yet again,

I want you to drive me insane,

I want to breathe your air,

And, when the morning will come,

And, the kiss, the titillation, the euphoria will fade,

I just want the universe to know,


Two desires were fulfilled when the nightingale sang.

By Shubham Jhunjhunwala

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