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By K Vignesh


It all started with me trying to mimic her

Chewing on her perspectives, still didn't saw

How strong she was beneath the timid her

To find strength in words and unfinished verse

Me wanting to share her pain, now I carry my own

Her articulative alchemy became my companion

Now endorsing my thoughts for selfish reasons

Brought me to the world for the second time

Breathed life in me, and this ink keeps bleeding

And I'm dizzy yet aware of myself

Gives the real awkward me a voice to speak

Thoughts to feed and goals to chase

Now I know how to still smile while I walk a plank

Now I know how to give while running on empty tank

Now I know how to offshore in these empathy banks

If only I could learn forgiveness from you

But that's a lesson for another day

Your also my art parent and it's apparent

I won't fail you in this art of parenting

By K Vignesh

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