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Altering Fate

By Brinda Chakraverty

As it is said, some are born with inbuilt luck in them,

They grow up to be a wonderful shining gem-

A little incident seems to change lives,

Taking a good turn in this beehive…

A small puppy there was,

Who lived in a house of laws,

Could not bark and could not run,

In that devilish house, he had no fun-

After experiencing an irrational behaviour,

From no other than his good old master-

That broke his little heart in shatters,

Escaped the house; his paws going pitter patter…

Some days passed, and no one came for him,

Flopped ears, tail down and his face grim,

Was he all alone in this world?

He lay down, all shrivelled and curled-

Then she came, a girl, crossing the road-

Not noticing the green light, went on with her load…

The puppy turned as white as a sheet,

Scrambled up on his pawed feet-

Barked at the top of his tiny squeaky voice,

His panic stopped the incoming Rolls Royce-

The trolley fell with a little pang, on the ground,

The pang went on loop, round and round-

She went back and took the puppy along with her,

She stroked its fluffy and snowy fur,

Muttering thank you like a holy chant,

How the puppy wished she would stop the rant…

And oh my! A magnificent mansion she took him to,

There were gates, servants and walls of different hues!

One single word, and an antique kennel was made,

Protecting from all weather conditions and giving shade-

With grateful brown eyes, the puppy looked at the girl,

A whole new world of the puppy, was going to unfurl-

Now he was where he really wanted to be,

He could jump and run; he was finally free.

And so continued the puppy’s happy life,

Finally, it was free of its harsh strife-

It was happy because he helped someone,

Against his written fate, altered it and won!

By Brinda Chakraverty

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