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By Dhanishtha De

In the realm of solitude, I tread alone,

Where shadows dance and whisper, soft and low

A heart's echo lingers, an unspoken plea,

A poem born from the trenches of loneliness; you see

In shadows deep, where silence dwells,

Loneliness, a tale it tells.

A sombre dance of solitude,

Where hearts ache and dreams elude

Silent nights embrace me with their velvet cloak,

As stars above, like distant dreams, evoke

The moon, a pale companion in the vast expanse,

Watches as I wander, caught in a lonesome trance

The world spins on, a whirlwind of souls,

Yet one stands apart, where darkness unfolds.

A solitary figure, lost in the crowd,

Yearning for solace, but the silence is loud.

Whispers of forgotten voices haunt the air,

Their absence a reminder of a love once shared

Through the empty streets, I wander aimlessly,

Searching for solace, a fleeting remedy

In empty nights and barren days,

Loneliness weaves its desolate maze.

Aching echoes of longing's refrain,

Whispering softly, causing endless pain.

I seek solace in the rustle of autumn leaves,

And find solace in the solitude that grief weaves

Yet, a longing resides deep within my soul,

To find a kindred spirit who can make me whole

The moon's gentle glow, a distant friend,

Casts a melancholic light to descend

Stars shimmer above, like tears in the sky,

Witnessing the lonesome heart's cry

Loneliness, a heavy burden I endure,

A solemn companion, relentless and pure

But in this solitary state, I find strength anew,

To cherish the solitude and embrace the view

By Dhanishtha De

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