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By Kenlumzailie Michui

Allie loves alleys, she is enthralled by it.

Every so often it's almost like she's bewitched.

The thing about alleys is it's almost like a maze

And people often gets lost in the maze

–her interests peaked–

She was informed that people are usually afraid of getting lost,

But Allie fancies the possibility of getting lost;

That there may be no way out, –music to her ears–

She's intrigued by how alleyways seem endless;

Getting to what feels like an end but leading to another.

She's fond of walking aimlessly on a silent footpath,

How it makes her look at the sky more

Because alleys don't show much of anything.

She's fascinated by the silence too –almost rich–

She likes how knowing her way around alleys makes her feel,

She feels like she knows one secret more to life than others.

It's like finding the only key of what everyone has a lock of.

By Kenlumzailie Michui

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