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By Geethanjali Dilip

In an emptiness I cannot express,

A strange lightness takes over my being,

Where I grow wings of just letting go of

All that I hang on to,

I float aimless

It is only me with myself and a glowing light that beckons

I become an empty street

I seem to be a strange grove where memories are trees strewn here and there

The foliage trembles in the light breeze whispering moments I have gathered

Then the leaves fall in a surrender

I become a bare tree

Having lived through seasons

I do not wait for the dawn for the dark appeals to me now

I become the night when stars send me messages of desires I have abandoned

Then I become the endless sky

I am empty again

With the vastness

I have unfolded myself where everything expands and stretches to endless horizons I merge onto

I am the air I breathe

All I know is I'm alive.

By Geethanjali Dilip

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