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Aiede – Memoire

By Ammu Gopinath

One day you shall feel my flesh, To know I'm gone, all too far What was warm, now cold and clam.

Breath that once filled your heart, With love and dreams, sweet as honey Would have silenced to an endless age. Eyes that once glittered dating yours, With tales and songs of coal and ice, Would have sealed forever and ever more. One day you might steam and regret, To have left all my questions ignored, Longing you could respond now and all. Mornings with a coffee mug and rain, Will revive the memory of the hottest scent Dreaming of holding those hands, now frost and frigid. One day you will yell my name full throat, Wishing a response with all your soul Only to know I'm hidden in the frost and dark.

One day you will ask me to wait, Too busy that you over look a response Only to know this wait has gone far too long. One day you will know mending a heart A broken one, was never an easy task In the loneliest hours of the night or day. One day you will reach for a paper and pen To write through your heart or it burst Just wishing it would reach me, crossing miles. One day when your soul is drenched, With deepest regrets and all time pain, Then hold your paper to a candle's flame, The smoke might reach my dwelling heart And ashes, as a symbol, yet remain Of words left unsaid and promises kept away.

By Ammu Gopinath

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