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Acquisition Of Joy

By Dr. Priyanka Priyam

Winter had now started, the rain water which flowed along the rivers had accumulated in a big pit. He was thinking - I wish those days would never end when it was raining heavily. I was roaming everywhere along the rivers, in dense forests, mountains, plateaus, fields, barns. Everyone used to come to see me and say- Wow! What a sight, I felt happy. I wanted to touch him with joy and excitement, he also wanted to touch and hug me. I was drifting from one city to another, suddenly a strong wind came, and I reached a big pit. People were very happy to see me, a fair was held there every Sunday. People were very happy to take selfies with me, but after a few months people stopped coming.

They were no longer happy with me, seeing how dirty I was. People would spit on me and go away, some would wash their shoes in me, some would piss. I was praying to God, oh God give me those days back. For those for whom I was a source of happiness yesterday, today I had become their headache, people started cursing me, I started feeling very sad and gradually it became a habit to stay alone.

It is said that time does not remain the same. After winter came spring and then summer. I was burning, there was no one to save me, I accepted my fate. I slowly started feeling light, then my eyes opened - what is this, I turned into a vapor and started moving towards the sky. I was very happy, after some time I found a group of clouds and joined them. When the rains started, I again joined them in the form of drops in the rivers and started laughing and thought - time never remains the same, when we have to go very high, we have to burn and warm ourselves. Only then we are able to shower and then attain happiness.

There was water in the big pit again, winter came again but now I was very happy even alone. Today I also made two companions - Mango and Bel, till next year, they will wait for me and I will wait for them. There are many ups and downs in life, but it depends on us whether we move according to that wind or get swept away. One who learns to move according to the flowing wind, one day climbs the ladder of success. And success kisses his feet.

By Dr. Priyanka Priyam

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