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A Trip To The Other Side

By Debanjali

They say, life's a race-

don't you think, in this raging flow

we've missed numerous twilights

of the mystical summer skies?

haven't we slipped a thousand rainbows

in the greyey-showery sights?

Shouldn't we, searching for a leisure,

spend a little time- embracing the nature?

Wander along the misty-breezy shores,

speak to the hill-cave echoes,

rest in the earth's lap-

the velvet grass floors.

Listen to the solitude whispering a tune of bliss

sitting by the riverside,

glint of fireflies sparkling in your eyes.

Someday charm yourself by the starry night sky

and wonder-

shouldn't we dip our life

in the sweetness of moonlight?

They say life's a race-

and I agree with 'em!

but one should learn to enjoy

the journey as well.

By Debanjali

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