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A Thank You Note

Updated: Sep 20

By Trisha Nidhi

An ode I would like to recite

For the love in our little fight

The time I met you

Was peace amidst the clamour and cry

The time I first eloped with you

Was a cure for the emotions wry.

From being my senior ,

to a friend in need

From being my guardian

To my spouse in lead,

Giving me ample of beautiful memories,

To cherish forever as evergreen stories.

An ode I would like to recite

For the love in our little fight.

That day you proposed me

My eyes went awstruck with glee

With hundreds of doubts in mind

Your promise was one of a kind

Till today there are conflicts

Between career and household,

there is a fix;

But you opined me with a ladder of preference,

To chose the situation in ascendence

With hope of a mellifluous life

You make it worth in every situation to strife.

An ode did I recite

For the love in our little fight.

By Trisha Nidhi

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