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A Secret

By Karan Poswal

Met a girl, no actually we never met,

But we met, in a different way

We talked, No! Not in person yet,

But, I bet we talked like we are around each other.

Who’s this guy? Why’s he sharing this and that?

From hmm’s of her sharing to her sharing each and everything.

Showing every emotion of her, laughing, crying, anger.

Listening every word as well, we never stopped this flow of waves of words from one place to another(as we were in different cities).

My past! ‘it may annoy you’.

Past! ‘Let it rest in the past’.

That little one liner conversation,

Made me fall, a little more,

Infact the most!

For me, it was different.

It was, let us make present and future beautiful.

A negative, pessimistic, a person who got complaints,

Who was disturbed with every other thing in his life.

Can he get changed?

Trust me he has changed!

The one who does not listen to people,

Who was so stubborn in his approach,

With that sweet voice,

The one who can continuously laugh

Telling some serious stuff,

Changed everything.

Changed!! How she changed you?

She knows magic! Magic?

Yes, magic of positivity, magic of thinking positive, of letting go other people’s negative talk.

Do not care, do not worry, do your work

Believe in yourself.

Wow! Wait-wait.

Magic of happiness, magic of laughter!

Laugh as much as you can, stay happy as much as you can.

Simplify things, at the same point be bold while putting you point!

Just some simple magic tricks, isn’t it?

Who’s she?

She is a secret.

M blessed with a secret.

A secret which I don’t want to share.

Why? Why not?

A secret must be a secret when it’s one of a kind.

A special secret and will always be a special till the end of life.

By Karan Poswal

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