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A Regret

By Puneet Goyal

It’s a common saying an very well said that some people step up towards the doors of our lives and the day they come into our lives, they changes it into a whole new life because they show us the other side of the coin and teach us something knew. After igniting our minds, without letting anyone know, about anything, they just leave... as if it was a beautiful dream but someone woke us up and it’s gone with the blink of an eye. But these persons leave such an impression on our minds that even if we want to forget them, we can’t... by any means.

The story starts with a dance academy in Chandigarh. About 6 years ago, I took my first step towards the passion of dancing with great enthusiasm. When I entered the academy, I felt like I’ve got my second family away from home. Then I met a person whose name was Rajan. He was more like a brother to me than a friend. As the time passed, our bond of friendship became stronger. We were a group of 8 members and no one could say that we are just friends. We were a family. Rajan was the one who was the eldest of all and the reason behind our unity. Every week, he used to get a call which he used to attend on the terrace.

Today, the same thing happened. Everyone were sitting in the room and chilling... suddenly Rajan said he has got a call from home and will be back soon. Then he went on the terrace. But today he took more time than the usual. We got worried and one of us went upstairs to ask if everything was fine. He saw that Rajan was not talking to anyone rather he was crying alone. He didn’t say a word to him and told everything to others. When Rajan came back, we asked him the reason that why was he crying? He told that he is missing his home and family. Then we replied that you should just call them. You’ll feel better. He exclaimed that he has no family! He told us lie about them. Whenever he missed them, he faked that he is talking with them on the phone call.

After listening this, we all were in tears. I got angry and felt like to slap him on his face and then hug him and ask if our friendship is that much weak that we can’t even share our pain with them. Everyone gave a tight hug to him and said that we are your family now. From that day, the bond of our friendship got more stronger and our respect for him also doubled. From this we learnt that no matter how much pain we are in, the happiness we give to others while keeping it aside give us more satisfaction than anything else.

But after some months, he died...and the reason behind his death was “brain tumour”. That day we felt like by hiding this, he always kept us strangers and never took us as a family. Even today, we regret that he felt like this, despite having such a strong bond of friendship.

By Puneet Goyal

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