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A Rainy Night

By Barak KH Hrohlu

The rain befell upon my face,

Cool asphalt beneath my cheeks;

I lay on the ground, looking up at the overcast night sky.

The moon silently streaking between the dark clouds.

Silver shined through the cracks of the heavens.

The distant lights of the cities glimmered,

Buildings tall and sleek, glowing amidst the drizzle.

On the roads fell the droplets of rain,

The miniature turbulence by the hundreds

All dancing through the reflections;

The ground carried the streams of light,

Dampening my attire, caressing my hairs;

In the wet winds I lay my head upon the ground,

Trees overhead, stones and twigs obscuring my sight,

I beheld the beauty as the rains stopped.

Slowly I get up, wiping away the mud and dirt,

Lost in the sweet thoughts of yonder,

Such mildness and calm within the cold and wet,

And I pondered of days past, when times were simpler.

The clouds faded and the moon glistened in all its glory.

The distant canopy lit up by a vibrant silvery light,

I walked on, yet eager to always look back.

These are the sweet thoughts I would always remember.

By Barak KH Hrohlu

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