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A Place To Hide In

By Lakshita Makker

Sometimes I just want a place to hide in,

Where I can find my peace and space to confide in.

I think I have got a lot to say,

But the noise around me tells me to keep that at bay.

From dawn to dusk I work all day long,

Wishing that someday someone will get along.

I try hard to search for that safe zone,

Where I can be myself but that makes me more prone.

But why should I fear from finding my space,

Because once I get it, everything will be at my pace.

I also wonder what I would do when I will be at my hideout,

The answer is I will embrace my scars and my reasons for doing things, I will dump the demons in me and will give a shoutout.

And how will I find that place to hide in?

I feel for that I need to turn inwards first, and I will probably know all the places to confide in.

By Lakshita Makker

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