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A Petal's Tale

By Aneesha Kararia

In the garden's calm, a tale unfolds,

A rose, cradled in innocence, its story yet untold.

Within the bud's embrace, anticipation sighs,

A realm untouched, where purity gently lies.

Unseen, a storm brews; unforeseen, it arrives,

Whispering winds share life's tales, unkind, unclean lives.

Petals unravel, caught in the storm's blind grind,

Exposed, the rose stands in vulnerability, confined.

Yet amid the tempest's despair, beauty resiliently clings,

Each lost petal is a testament to clandestine love's stings.

Echoes of a distant melody resonate on tender skin,

A heartbreak tale, where strength and fragility begin.

In storms, resilience takes root, a seed in the rain,

A rose reborn, adorned with newfound brilliance, not in vain.

As petals dance, caught in the winds' melodic refrain,

A petal's tale echoes—a cadence of heartbreak, loss, and sweet refrain.

The garden, a stage for nature's timeless play,

Where roses bloom, and storms carve away.

In Gulzar's verse, the petal's journey finds grace,

A ballad of resilience, love, and the garden's eternal embrace.

Amid the garden's whispers, Gulzar paints his rhyme,

A ballad of petals lost, trapped in the hands of time.

The rose, a silent protagonist in this poetic affair,

Innocence is now exposed in the artist's tender care.

Gulzar's pen, a masterful brush, strokes the tempest's plight,

Unseen, unforeseen, it weaves tales of the stormy night.

Whispering winds carry the sorrows life has known,

The blind grind of the storm, seeds of resilience sown.

Beauty, like a clandestine lover, hides in the storm's despair,

Each fallen petal, a secret, a love affair to declare.

Echoes of distant melodies linger on the rose's skin,

A symphony of heartbreak, where fragility and strength begin.

In the storm's dance, resilience blooms with grace,

A rose reborn, adorned in newfound brilliance, finds its place.

As petals waltz with the winds' enchanting refrain,

Gulzar weaves a tapestry—a petal's tale, sweet yet laden with pain.

Nature's stage witnesses the ebb and flow of love,

Roses in bloom and storms from the heavens above.

Gulzar's verse, a garden where emotions unfurl,

A timeless ballad of heartbreak, resilience, and the eternal swirl.

So, let the petals dance, let the winds play their song,

In Gulzar's canvas, where emotions belong.

For in each petal's fall, in each storm's refrain,

A story unfolds in the garden's eternal terrain.

By Aneesha Kararia

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