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A Nurse, Her Name Unknown

By Rohan Mathew

In an old, worn-out ward so cold,

A nurse her name unknown, and her cheeks so paled,

Aided the ailing, day and night,

Her soul consumed by the patient's plight.

Her uniform white as freshly fallen snow,

Her eyes sparkled with a compassionate glow,

Her voice a soothing lullaby,

To those in anguish, she'd softly sigh.

But dim and dark was the hall,

Where she would often hear the call,

Whispers murmured in the air,

Long cries echoing in despair.

In the corners saw the shadows still,

Whispering secrets that memories spill,

Of patients long forgotten, passed away,

Their souls trapped in the hospital's decay.

One stormy eve, as midnight neared,

she sensed a presence, to be feared,

A spirit cladded in tattered shrouds,

With haunting eyes and moaning sounds.

It hovered towards her, ghostly pale,

Its voice a mournful, haunting wail,

"Beware, dear nurse, of the patients' plight,

For in this ward, they do not rest in light."

she stood firm, her heart ablaze,

Her nurse's oath a sacred phase,

To care for all, in life and death,

She vowed to ease their final breath.

With lantern flickering in the hand,

She faced the spirit's demand,

“I'll stand resolute, ne'er yield my feet.

I'll heal their wounds, and will restore their faith."

The spirit's eyes glowed with rage,

As it lunged at her in a fitful stage,

But she stood tall, with her courage so bold.

And with a power, no spirit can hold.

She tended to the patients' needs,

In their darkest hours, she'd succeed,

With tender touch and gentle care,

She eased their suffering, unaware.

As days turned to months and years,

She banished shadows, quelled their fears.

The hospital once grim and dark,

Now echoed with the healing arc.

On another moonlit, silent night,

The spirit came back, bathed in eerie light,

It smiled at her with gratitude,

For her unwavering fortitude.

"You've brought peace to these walls," it said,

With a voice that echoed from the dead,

"Fear not the shadows, nurse so bright,

For in the end, you've brought them light."

With a nod, the spirit disappeared,

Leaving her eyes filled with tears.

For in her heart, she knew the truth,

Her purpose found, her soul's reproof.

And so, she tended to the ill,

With passion burning, an iron will,

Her life a testament of care,

In the hospital's hall, a nurse so rare.

By Rohan Mathew

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