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A Luminary Heist

By Ashwin Mathew

Sky oh sky I saw you were clad

In fleece drawn from luminaries

But now you lie exposed

By clouds that threaten to tease

What has happened to your fleece?

What has rendered this misdeed?

Sun oh sun you had worn

Thy crimson armor stripped and torn

The shadow of a dying star

An eclipse drenched in tainted tar

What has happened to the flames?

Was your foe the one who tames?

Lunar wraith I find wandering

Your fading morsel of faith squandering

Imploding every now and then

An orbital gait turned decadent

It was her, the wraith hath said

It points at you and flees in dread

Who are you, oh woman

Who stole the light away

You kept it with yourself

And canceled all their days

Veiled and in reverence, the universe stands

its gravity is contoured by your hands.

But I'm thankful you stole their light

My days, even if numbered, are bright

By Ashwin Mathew

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