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A Letter To That Piece Of Galaxy

By Vedashree B N


It's been centuries.

Felt like writing to you, for you.

How are you enjoying the vast space?

It's too space-y isn't it?

Is it mind-numbingly cold?

God, I can only imagine.

I'm sitting here in this warm piece of galaxy.

It has every colour you can ever see.

People write to each other all the time,

they get an answer from the other side,

so quickly.

And here I am, writing to you,

knowing it would take an immeasurable time to float across those million light years.

I heard you gave birth.

Soothe yourself with rest.

Must be hard with so many twinkling newborns around.

But I'm sure you're loving it.

I also heard of the old ones passing away.

It must have devastated you.

I'm deeply sorry for your loss. Gigantic loss.

I saw the pictures the space center sent.

You look sparkly as ever.

Don't change. Do not.

They love you.

But, also, try not to be discovered.

They'll wear you down.

Be no one. Be no one. Stay far. Get to know your own universe.

Stay small. Stay unknown. Stay just where you are. I'm sure it's hot with all the newness. Drink lots of starry juices.

Buy warm clothes for the icing time too.

Hoping you're not so lonely.

With all I have, the greens and blues and replicas, I feel it.

I can only think of how you must feel.

If you do feel a little lost and alone, wait until you get this.

Just wait.

I'm waiting too, for something coming from you.

I might have become grains of brown mud when you reach me, but as they say, we're all made of stardust.

I'll meet you then.

With hope,

a tinier dot in the pale blue dot.

By Vedashree B N

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