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A Letter To My Father

By Salman Tamimi

"I know you lie!

I know you've emotions but you hide.

I know you care but you're too shy

I know you think yourself too strong to cry!

Dear dad, I know you miss the times

I sat on your shoulders and you took me for a ride.

I know you miss the smiles, the joy and glee,

Of playing with the younger me.

How I'd hold your hand and run on the streets.

When mom was gone, you'd cook for me;

Watching you cook was fun to see.

And how, with wonderful stories you'd put me to sleep!

Dad, I know you want to be hugged

And kissed on the cheeks

I know you miss being loved

Like you used to be

And that you've grown old and started to feel.

Dad, I know it all of which you never speak

But you'll always be in all my memories

And will always be loved like you used to be."

By Salman Tamimi

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