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A Legend

By Vipul Vatsa

If you have a dream in your eye

If you want to fly so high

If there are sleepless nights which you never count

If you have so much passion that sees no bound

If days and nights are same for you

If time is just a revolving needle for you

If long hours you don’t care about

If you can control your inner evil shout

If you have put in all that you could do

If you don’t care about the results

And with a big smile

Ready to face what life throughs at you

If after fall after fall

You have the courage to rise again

If you can start over

With carrying so much pain

If yet again you start with a passion

The world has never seen

If you have no desire of money or big mansion

And no jealousy but a heart, clean

Even if you deserve the position you lost

That time was so twisted

That your talent goes unrecognized

But you never cared about the cost


There is something different about you

Perhaps a position matching your calibre

Has not been invented through!

Who knows what you will become

Who knows how hard is your present

Perhaps you are destined for something really big

And when that day comes, people will remember you as a legend

By Vipul Vatsa

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