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A Kinner On The Train

By Mrs. Ruchi Agarwal

A beautiful lady in saree,

sat beside, in a hurry.

In a local train,

to reach Howrah in rain

Dressed in vibrant,

female in appearance.


she clapped her fingers apart,

on her seat,

When asked to push a bit.

She misunderstood,

A manly voice emerged. "Why should I stand" she budged.

Unstoppable she burst.

"Why are we only cursed?"

"We are the third gender in position.

Male, female and kinner from


For a moment, i sat there numb.

Without uttering, like a dumb.

I could read her insecure mind a lot.

"Aren't they humans?" I thought.

"Where are they at fault ?"

By default a twist in their life arrives.

Dismissed they are to be a wife,

nor husband by chance.

"How do their living enhance?"

No gradation, opportunities,nor


They earn their living in hesitation.

Discarded at every place.

Let's stop this gender race in grace.

By Mrs. Ruchi Agarwal

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