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A Graveyard Of Broken Dreams

By Gaurika Chhabria

Bloodshed. Tears. Screams. Destruction. Massacre.

An ocean of blood gushes through, carcasses scattered like fallen matchsticks. War. Where thousands of innocent people’s lives are in grave danger. War. The power that turns all of humankind into heartless monsters. War. Something only the dead have truly seen the end of.

Where words may fail, and every scope for peace is a shot in the dark. The lifeless white dove lies enveloped in the ashes, now sanguine, an arrow piercing perfectly through her heart. The last breath of every martyr dissolves into the empty void, forgotten. The deafening silence shrouds the world, drowning their screams like an inevitable monstrosity. Every bloodcurdling scream reverberates, striking one’s heart like the sharpest of daggers. The plague of war-the annihilator of life.

By Gaurika Chhabria

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