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A Gorgeous Metaphor of a Being

By Shambhavi Kulkarni

You know that snug summer feeling when the evening breeze is light, the sun rays just warm enough, when the mundane life takes a backseat and sleepy mornings are spent staying in. You're the epitome of that serene calm, the surreal love I never thought I'd let into my heart. You're the scent of apple pie wafting through this home, your voice reminiscent of smooth velvet slipping through rugged fingers, your brown eyes nostalgic of the creamy chocolate I used to crave as a kid. And when summer fades eventually, the clouds heavy and hanging in the sky foreboding the deathly winter, you so seamlessly morph into the blanket that keeps me warm, the sombre music I always find my way back to, the hot mug of coffee I cling onto, the illuminating moonlight I bask under, the only wildfire I wouldn't complain of getting scorched under.

By Shambhavi Kulkarni

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