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A Friend...Always On The Move

By Aliasgar Mansur Khambati

You live life without a complaint,

Your mind is free without restraint.

You are a bundle of joy to laugh and talk,

Which can go on, best, along with a walk.

Your hand makes the most sumptuous of dishes,

It is always that little bit extra, that one wishes.

From Chinese to ‘Dosas’ and from ‘Mousse’ to ‘Tart’

You can dish up just about anything from one visit to a super-mart.

When stress drives you sharply down the curves,

You have your reliable ‘balm’ to calm your nerves.

You have your husband to attempt to help you out,

But at times as these he cannot resist to bum you out.

What a couple you are where we love your banter,

One roar from the kitchen and your hubby runs towards you in canter.

Don’t change one bit as you are the best,

There is none like you, even if we look in earnest!

By Aliasgar Mansur Khambati

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