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A Feast Of Vultures

By Manu

“Be on guard,

This place is full of vultures,

vultures everywhere, everywhere.”

Under the guise of

The Legends, The Saints,

The Moguls, The Magnates.

Vultures, vultures everywhere!

In the ruins of Valhalla next to a warm spring,

I found a bait,

hide it in your pocket,

and truth would be your inmate.

True faces behind the disguise,

The bait reveals the charlatans among the wise.

Two-faced forgers,

Upholders of integrity in shining sunlight,

Turning into rapists of merit in mute midnights.

Holier-than-thou, White Knights, The

statesmen, under the guise of

Vultures, Vultures everywhere!

Architects of warfare in the wailing winters,

Building houses of worship for summer’s whimpers.

Blue-eyed boys, the eco-friendly tribe,

Burning forests when the berries are ripe.

Vultures, Vultures everywhere!

The funeral of the dog you attended with the

clergyman, his burst stomach had tire treads of your

vodka van. Authors of ‘Truth Alone Triumphs’ The liars.

The Intellects, The Demigods,

Crooks on Hire.

The Banquet of Culture or A Feast of Vultures?

By Manu

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