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A Dream That Will Now Remain Unfulfilled

By Chaudhury Shakib Ahamed

It was the year 2018,when Salman passed his Higher Secondary Examination from Katwa Government High School with 98% .He was a very meritorious student but underprivileged.He cracked the National Level Medical Entrance exam and secured a place in one of the top medical colleges in India.His All India rank was 712.

Salman was from a village Katwa, West Bengal.His father Sahil was a farmer and mother was a housewife . Salman was the youngest son among all the four sons of Sahil .It was the dream of Salman to become a doctor when he was a five year old child .But due to poverty he didn't get the chance of receiving good and quality education from a reputed private school ,rather he received his education from a government school.But that didn't effect him because he was quite a talented and meritorious student .

It was the time for Salman to leave his village and go to the Town to pursue his medical education.As everybody was sad in Salman 's family,his mother hugged him and said 'see you soon my son.'Salman who was in tears said ' I will miss you mom very much.'He left for Kolkata at 7:30 am .His train was at 9:00am .He sat on his train and it was a 3 hours journey .He reached his IMS Medical College at 1 pm .He was given his room in the hostel.He got two roomates ,one is Abdul and the other Ramesh .It was time for dinner so Salman went to the dinner table and dinner was served to him . Salman didn't like the meal of his hostel as it didn't taste good.He remembered his mother 's chicken curry and steamed rice very much.But suddenly he felt sad as he remembered that he would not get to eat that here.After completing his dinner he went to his room .As Salman was taking rest in his room,

suddenly after sometime there was a knock at the door and Abdul opened the door .It was Jishan ,who was a first year dental student, informed them that the seniors were calling the first year students in their room.

Salman felt wierd that it was 12:00 am.He asked Jisan 'Why?' .Jisan said 'I don't have any clue.'So the first year students went to their seniors room .They saw that the seniors are using abusive and vulgar languages to each other.Some of them are drinking alcohol,some even smoking cigarettes.Salman just didn't like the atmosphere.He felt very annoying, but he can't say anything to them as they were his seniors . The seniors said that 'you have been called here for introduction as you are new in this hostel.'So the seniors called them one by one.It was Abdul's turn first .He introduced himself in a very polite manner,most of the seniors didn't like his introduction and called him a little child .He was told by the seniors to fill all their water bottles in the hostel from next day onwards.It was now the turn for Salman.He gave his introduction ,fumbled in the middle.They laughed and made fun of him. .They asked him about his relationship status.Salman said that ' I am a single boy .' They

told him to carry all their college bags from next day . They abused and insulted him badly.After the end of the introduction the seniors told them to have their breakfast, lunch and dinner as early as possible and those who will eat late will be given extra tasks .

Salman found that the seniors are taking them for granted.He also told his roomates that their seniors are literally ragging them .Even in his college he told this matter .He also gave a complain letter to the warden of his hostel.But nothing changed that much .His seniors got to know about this matter and decided to teach Salman a lesson.Salman was alone called by the seniors and now he was given more tasks to do .

He was even abused and beaten badly.

Salman told this incident to his family and his family told him to protest against this matter.He and his family filed a petition against this incident in the High

Court of Calcutta.The first date of hearing was on 9th July 2018 . During the first hearing Salman 's lawyer argued that it was

a pure ragging case .The other party denied all the charges made against them.After the court got adjourned, the seniors of Salman started to threaten him,that they would kill him.But Salman didn't get scared and decided to fight till the end . Salman 's lawyer even asked Abdul to give witness to the court .At first Abdul denied but after sometime he decided to give witness to the court .It was 7 pm in the night and Salman was roaming just outside the hostel, and suddenly a group of boys came wearing masks attacked Salman with acid and took him to a jungle and there they stabbed him and killed him.

It was 10 pm and everyone in the hostel got worried about Salman as he always returned to the hostel before 8pm .His phone was unreachable and that worried them too .His family called the warden but the warden couldn't answer.The next morning the police found a corpse in the jungle near the Durgapur Highway.Salman's family was called up to come and recognise the body.Salman's family screamed with tears filled in their eyes.His mother got fainted.Anti -ragging protests were carried out all over the campus.The news became viral all over the country through social media and prime time debates were carried out in the news channels.As it was the fifth case of ragging in IMS Medical College within 2 months .The seniors of Salman were taken into custody by the police.Many petitions were filed against the accused persons in the High Court.The cases are still being heard in the Court.Salman 's family is still hoping that the truth will come out one day and justice will be given to him one day.

By Chaudhury Shakib Ahamed

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