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A Daughter Without Father

By Amisha Tiwari

The canopy of leaves

Storing the water and its purity

Saved the Khalaasi from deserting lethargy

A shore where love sieves

For a daughter without a father - these words - Alienation

Hands that cradle her head in his arms

Hands that feel firmer when she tries drifting apart

Hands that raised only to crush the ceiling of her dreams' be-heart

Hands that hold walking down the aisle, protecting through the harms

For a daughter without father - These words - A Spectacle

A dagger piercing her heart

An expectation of summer's breeze

She stood alone at the frozen lake, her arms squeezed

Her core mastering the feeling of bad faith

A daughter without a father- She smiles. She holds on. She loves. She tries.

A Daughter without Father - She's all she got.

By Amisha Tiwari

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