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A Colleague Of Mine

By Heena Bhati

We all have different nature and behaviour.

Whenever we all as a new person enters in any organisation we meet new people and try to get settled and jovial with all of the other co-workers and higher ups and they also try to make us comfortable so it’s vice versa Relationship.

Let me come to the actual story, “I met many people and worked with them with all respect but somewhere I had adjusted myself due to my job role and sometimes I met really good people who supported me and still we are in touch like a family.”

Currently, I’m working as a client Relationship manager in MNC and when I entered in this company, I faced many issues as I joined this as an executive level (Junior Post) as well as was new to understand the policy, process and work ethics of the company but later on I merged with all of this and colleagues but there were a person with the position of Client Relationship Manager, to whom I used to report that time and also I heard saying others that she is super arrogant and really hard to coordinate for work, whenever somebody joined under her, a person hardly spend 2-3 months max.

In the beginning, I also felt the same way as others portrayed her but when I have started working with her then I have too realised that she’s difficult person and tough to understand but after working with her, I cannot deny to say that she is really smart, Multi tasking, hardworking, supportive and work enthusiastic and I learned many tricks & skills from her or I would say she taught me like a mentor.

She has been promoted as a CRM manager and I got promoted to her ex position as a Client Relationship Manager.

We both are sharing really good professional relations and don't realise it’s been 2.5 years working together.

Sometimes, tough people and hard time also teaches us easy and fruitful lessons.

I’m sure you might or may be experience the same as I experienced.

By Heena Bhati

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