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A Chilling Night

By Binish C D

When we rest in our rooms, silently nearby Beside a church, gorgeous; in that night The chilled ,cruel snow once pierced our bones Remained frail and parted an innocent smile.

The gliding bats, roll up with the clouds And the howling foxes, whetting their tools The ominous owls chanting for the spirits And the treacherous wizards, seeking a prey.

Those melodious days, when everything harmonic And in that garden of colours, I desire only a flower Desires doesn’t matter for men , I know Destiny domains , where all the desire shatter.

The ravens started mourning, when the pendulum stopped at once when we were bought into a palace, the palace of pain And in every rooms of eternity, it was colourfully embedded BY the words of silence, REST IN PEACE.

By Binish C D

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