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A Bitter Goodbye

By Shambhavi Kulkarni

My love,

you've etched yourself well in this weary soul of mine

I cling onto these chipped walls,

hear your voice echoing from within,

your laugh filling what once was a vacant room

we've been holding onto this rope for far too long,

it's time I loosen my grip,

let me go, my darling

I'll leave you be,

these chaotic atoms would never blend well with yours

I'll keep you safe and sound in the cottage of my heart,

carve out a space for all the grief we've brought upon us,

you'll be my favourite song,

the favourite poem I could never fully ink down,

my blooming flower in a rotten field,

the sweetest wine amidst sedimented bottles,

the poison I'd devour like morning tea

don't hold onto me, my bluebird,

you'll lose your sanity,

I'm a burden you shouldn't have to bear,

a love that'll remain unfinished, entirely out of reach,

bleeding into cracks that have only just started setting in.

By Shambhavi Kulkarni

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Невідомий учасник
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So raw and beautiful


Невідомий учасник
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Невідомий учасник
27 лист. 2022 р.

loving it so much


Невідомий учасник
27 лист. 2022 р.

proud is an understatement

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