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A Bird Watcher

By Fayaz Ahmad Wani

The bird watchers set out to explore,

Their eyes keenly searching the skies.

For a glimpse of a colourful feathered friends,

To excite and bring joy to their eyes.

The morning sun begins to rise,

A warm breeze on their faces as they go.

The sound of a chirp in the distant sky,

A nudge of why they set out so.

The call of a crow, the screech of a hawk,

The wing whistle of a dove.

The wonders of nature spread before them,

A sight they will always love.

Their exhilaration grows with every sighting,

Their jubilation is reflected in their eyes.

The thrill of discovery and the pulcritude of nature,

A reminder of how life can be so pretty and wise.

As the day comes to an end,

The bird watchers look to the sky.

Their hearts filled with wonder and joy,

For a chance to witness the beauty of flight.

As the dusk engulfs the countryside,

A birdwatcher with hanging binoculars.

Spotting some more birds that try to hide,

Satisfies with the ones already in the field glasses.

Back home bird watchers retrospection,

An amazing backdrop that makes his day.

Some new feathered friends and some under inspection.

And that is how he calls it a day.

By Fayaz Ahmad Wani

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