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A Beautiful Date

By Madhu

Sitting on the shore

and adoring the night

I encountered few birds

flying in the sky

talking and praising

and alluring the sight.

I wonder seeing those birds

May be they were on date

with their mate.

I know you will say it's just dark

What's so new to call it "the spark"?

and to you I'll convey,

Instead being just a night,

tonight I feel

As the stars are gazing me.

Sparkling the sight, without any lies,

Nothing to laugh on my weird talk.

let's have some walk

Under the sky, beneath the Stars.

There were nights

When I adore the stars

Spend a moment with the moon

But tonight has an awestruck sight

Those encountered birds

are now chirruping to me

Gossiping about my twinkling mates,

Whispering me to smile

Not just for a while

but for miles and miles.

By Madhu

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