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A Ballet Of Moonlit Souls

Updated: Jan 25

By Aneesha Kararia

In the cosmic ballroom, a radiant affair unfolds,

Moon, a silent dancer, the Earth its partner bold.

A celestial ballet beneath the night's grand dome,

A symphony of grace, where cosmic spirits roam.

As daylight retreats, stars shimmer in delight,

A moonlit dance commences, painting the night.

The Moon, a dancer veiled in silvery attire,

Waltzes with Earth, setting the sky on fire.

Soft whispers of the waltzing wind echo the tune,

Moonlight bathes the Earth, an ethereal monsoon.

Luminous intimacy, a celestial embrace,

Each phase, a testament to love's endless grace.

Through phases waxing and waning, they sway,

A cosmic ebb and flow in the night's grand ballet.

Fullness, a crescendo, casting shadows so bright,

Waning, a soft dimming, a tender farewell to the night.

Celestial ballet, a harmony of the spheres,

Gravitational whispers calming all fears.

Balance in the dance, a delicate art,

Reflecting life's rhythm, an interconnected heart.

The dance, a fleeting spectacle, a moment's delight,

Transient beauty, a beacon in the night.

Cherish the ephemeral, for soon it shall fade,

As cosmic dancers retreat into the cosmic cascade.

A deeper allegory in the celestial expanse,

Moon, a guide on a seeker's chance.

A spiritual journey, Earth as the yearning soul,

In the dance, enlightenment, their ultimate goal.

As the dance subsides, and stars bid adieu,

Moon and Earth, the cosmic rendezvous through.

The night, a canvas painted with their celestial art,

A farewell to the night, yet a dance that won't depart.

In this celestial rendezvous, where moonbeams softly glide,

A symphony of grace, in the cosmos, does abide.

In the style of Ghalib, where metaphor and grace entwine,

A celestial ballet, a cosmic dance, a tale divine.

By Aneesha Kararia

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