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" Scar "

By Firo (Firosghan)

Sometimes it’s bigger than her body !!

It was a fine evening, she was sitting on a wet mud witnessing the resplendent view of sea

On seeing the busy ants hurrying with its daily earnings to its core,

She felt everything Impeccable and normal

Unless a sudden cunning voice rammed that silence saying as,

“ These framed photos never reveals the ugly scars, My dear “

She turned herself and asked, “ who are you ? “

Okay, now let me tell you a short scar'y story

She felt haughty of her prized scars, from winning the race

She felt transcendent of her protective scars, from fighting the wild

She felt ecstatic of her mischievous scars, from her memories of play

She felt the change in her demeanor, on seeing the pimples In her face

And eventually, she felt entirely dead when she met with her Vaginal Scar

Yes !! ever since she was molested, she started feeling retrograde and abominable

The world thought, she will perpetuate her situation

Does she ? Does she succumbed ? …. Never

Slowly, she started evolving as a hell of fire from the bleeding blood of her own vaginal scar

She made each drop of her brutal blood into a Successive stones

Bravo young lady !! Raise your head., You’re not a Victim anymore

And she answered herself to that question

“ Who am I ? … Just a Survivor ? No, “ I am a Warrior “

Scars always tell the tales of Joy and Agony isn’t ?

By this time while were reading, there are thousands of scars still bleeding somewhere

trying to conceal themselves from the humans who seek just pleasure of flesh.

Respect Women, Respect their Scars

By Firo (Firosghan)

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