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By Aishwarya Mundkar

I don’t fear obstacles,

I fear my incompatibility to tackle them!

I fear my abilities might not express,

I fear my inabilities,

To maintain deepest flows.

I fear not impossible or uncertain,

I fear my most certain behaviors,

I fear not the unknown,

I fear the known possibilities…

Maybe I fear myself?

Or I fear unnecessarily?

But I fear non-existent!

To compatibilities not attained, strive..!

I don’t always need motivation to drive

To abilities hidden, search

Don’t always dissect everything…merge!


Every focus flows need involvement and clarity

Have more balanced randomness within and straight vision to goal

Don’t pity the situations, or turns whatever

Who said you can’t reestablish or recover..?!

To accept the way everything is,

To affect the way everything is,

To change the way everything is,

Irrespective of …




Just be courageous enough to fail


Patient enough to Rise…!

By Aishwarya Mundkar

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